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Welcome to
Energy Pathways

Release   *  Heal  *   Transform

When you release energies that no longer serve you,

healing takes place transforming your life!

Energy Pathways aims to help you heal using a variety of Energy Therapies such as:

  • Reiki

  • Eden Energy Method

  • Cyndi Dale Methods

  • Qigong practices

  • Emotion Coding

  • Craniosacral Therapy


These therapies are a means to help release Energies in your body, mind, and/or spirit that may be causing various issues such as: pain, fatigue, brain fog, depression, heaviness, muscle tightness etc. 


The goal is that after a few sessions, you will experience significant improvements in your life!

Not sure what specific service may be right for you? Book a FREE discovery consultation and I'll help you understand each service and identify which energy path is right for you at this time!

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